What is the Average Cost of Medical Procedures in Greenwood, SC?

This report provides the average public charges per hospital that best compare to the amounts of the bill you will receive from us. The cost of healthcare in Summerville, South Carolina is 8.0% cheaper than in Greenwood, South Carolina. It includes the cost of living compared to child care, utilities, transportation, health, taxes, housing for landlords versus renters, climate, insurance premiums, and more. For example, a cost-of-living index of 130 means that living there costs 30% more compared to the national average (130-100% 3D30).

If you do the same calculation with a cost index lower than the national average of 100, you'll get a negative number that indicates how much money you'll save. Therefore, in a place with a COL of 85, living there costs 15% less than the national average (between 85 and 100% in 3D).The BestPlaces cost of living index is the most accurate and comprehensive available, as it has added many new categories to current and historical systems. We started with the ACCRA model of 100 as a national average adopted by the Council for Economic and Community Research (C2ER) in 1968, and then updated and expanded it to include the preferences and types of spending of 21st century consumers. Using sophisticated modeling techniques, our BestPlaces analysis expands the geographical reach of our cost-of-living indexes down to the zip code level, encompassing every county, city, and metropolitan area in the United States. The BestPlaces cost-of-living rating includes housing prices for renters or homeowners, utilities (electricity, natural gas, oil), healthcare costs (premiums and common surgeries), entertainment costs, transportation expenses (insurance and vehicle registration fees, gas prices and transportation costs, vehicle depreciation), food prices (meat, dairy, ready-to-eat products, and more), child care (for infants and toddlers, at home and away) from home), and taxes (income, property, sales, motor vehicles).A cost-of-living index allows you to compare what it costs to live in one place with another, revealing how far your money will go in different areas.

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