Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery in Greenwood, SC with Telemedicine Services

Greenwood, SC is revolutionizing healthcare delivery with the introduction of telemedicine services. Self-Regional Healthcare has taken the initiative to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 infection by establishing virtual consultations in all of their physician offices. Telemedicine involves a primary care doctor monitoring a patient's health without having to visit the doctor's office. SC House Calls is providing a personalized healthcare experience that is tailored to the individual's needs. In order to provide telemedicine help to local veterans, WCFiber, an Internet service provider, partnered with veterans affairs officials.

Billy Garrett, Rosalind Burke, Director of Veterans Affairs at Greenwood, and Ruth Mustard, Deputy Director of Patient Care and Nursing Services at the Virginia State Office, posed for a photo at the new telemedicine center. SC House Calls is transforming healthcare delivery by providing medical services directly to the patient's home. The telemedicine centers will serve more than 4,600 veterans in Greenwood County and more than 1,600 veterans in Abbeville County. This will save them time and travel expenses while providing them with more immediate direct care. The introduction of telemedicine services in Greenwood, SC is revolutionizing healthcare delivery. It is providing veterans with more convenient access to medical care and reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 infection.

SC House Calls is offering personalized healthcare experiences tailored to each individual's needs. This is making healthcare delivery more efficient and cost-effective for both patients and providers.

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