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March is National Hemophilia Awareness Month
and HSC Raises Awareness at HSC’s Bleeding Disorders Legislative
Awareness Days, Feb. 17-18, 2015, South Carolina State Capitol, Columbia, SC

The 6th annual hemophilia and bleeding disorders legislative awareness days were held in Columbia by Hemophilia of South Carolina and its advocacy team members. The purpose is to raise awareness and educate elected officials in Columbia on bleeding disorders, the impact having one can have on families, and the struggles some still face with access to comprehensive treatment care and services.

On Tuesday evening, over 65 individuals of the bleeding disorder community came together for an informal dinner meeting where they heard from several speakers versed in knowledge of the ACA and its impact related to those with chronic disorders such as hemophilia. They discussed concerns of this community, nationally and here in South Carolina, with the hope to gain insight and learn what they can do to advocate for their personal needs and for the community at large. For some, this was their first time in advocacy training.

Representative Tommy Stringer

Starting the night off with presentations and discussions was the Chapter’s longtime advocate and friend, SC House Representative Tommy Stringer of Greer. Tommy has fought for the needs of this community, understanding the impact it has on families, himself being affected by the birth of his son with hemophilia, now 9 years old.

Members of HSC headed to the State Capitol early the following day and participated in over 33 individuals meetings, enlightening House and Senate members about bleeding disorder awareness and asking for their support of this year’s talking points. Over the past six years, the Chapter has participated in over 150 meetings with the South Carolina House and Senate members. Our Advocacy Days could not be successful without the assistance of our 2015 advocacy teaming partners with their generous sponsorships. We extend our gratitude to our sponsors; CSL Behring, Biogen Idec and Pfizer Hemophilia.

Here are some of the talking points presented:

Access to Insurance Coverage in the Federal Marketplace

Maintain funding for the Hemophilia Program at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC)
South Carolina Bleeding Disorders Premium Assistance Program

Click here to download the full article. (pdf format)
Click here to download the full talking points article. (pdf format)

Bipartisan Advocacy Helps in Awareness of Hemophilia
and Rare Bleeding Disorders in South Carolina

– By Connie Montgomery Graham with Sue Martin

HSC on the Capitol StepsOn Wednesday, March 5, 2014, Hemophilia of South Carolina (HSC) presented its Advocacy Awareness Days at the State Capitol. Members of HSC visited the State House where the state's Senators and House of Representative members work to make laws that directly impact the citizens of South Carolina. Participants walked from building to building, encouraging members on both sides of the aisle to remember individuals affected by hemophilia and rare bleeding disorders when making budget and healthcare laws that impact families in South Carolina. Members of HSC know firsthand it does not matter whether you are black, white, Republican, Democrat, rich or poor when life-threatening health issues arise, and everyone wants the best care they can receive immediately for themselves or their loved ones. Secondly, we know most people would want their care to be as cost effective as they can obtain it. With these factors in mind, families and individuals affected by bleeding disorders shared their personal stories and some of the struggles they face. They were very compassionate about educating the legislators about hemophilia and rare bleeding disorders. They shared, too, that annually, it can cost anywhere between $100,000 to $300,000 to care for just one individual affected by hemophilia or a rare bleeding disorder.

Group Photo DHEC PSI and Sue MartinAt the State House, they shared information about the importance of continuing to support the only federally-funded Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) in South Carolina at Palmetto Health Richland Hospital in Columbia. The HTC offers multi-disciplinary, family-centered healthcare with staff that includes many experts and a wealth of resources.

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Click here to download the full article. (pdf format)

March is National Hemophilia Awareness Month
Hemophilia of South Carolina, Hemophilia Awareness Days
Where: Columbia, SC   |   When: March 4th and 5th, 2014
Please join us in raising awareness for bleeding disorders in South Carolina

Click here to download your invitation and registration form today! (pdf format)

Hemophilia Awareness Day
Columbia, SC / March 6th, 2013

Hemophilia of South Carolina (HSC)(, a non-profit organization that promotes awareness of hemophilia and bleeding disorders to the general public, held its 4th Annual Hemophilia Awareness Day event at the state capitol on March 6, during National Hemophilia Awareness Month. HSC provides education and supportive services to individuals and families throughout South Carolina and supports the research of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) (

Hemophilia of South Carolina Takes Part in Hemophilia Awareness Day

Bleeding disorders are often genetic (however, one-third of all new cases result from no family history) and cause the blood from clotting properly. The main symptom is uncontrolled, often spontaneous, internal bleeding into the joints and muscles. Left untreated, the bleeding results in severe pain, swelling, debilitating and life-threatening internal bleeding, and permanent damage. Treatment consists of life-long infusions of expensive clotting factor therapies that replace missing or deficient blood proteins. Currently, there is no cure. HSC's advocacy team members represented the Chapter's bleeding disorders community as they gathered from all over the state to share their stories, educate their elected officials and advocate for services. Continued access to care and treatment for those with bleeding disorders who have nowhere else to turn for assistance was their message for the day.

Hemophilia of South Carolina on the Steps of the Capital, Columbia, SC, Taking Part in National Hemophilia Awareness Day Meetings were held with 14 members of the House and Senate. Hemophilia of South Carolina was recognized on the house floor by South Carolina House Representative Tommy Stringer (R-18) and Representative Stephen Goldfinch (R-108). The Chapter and its Advocacy Team were honored to be recognized in the capitol's balcony. "This being our fourth consecutive year of Advocacy Awareness, our Chapter has conducted close to 100 face-to-face conversations with our elected officials, putting a face, a personal touch, and voice to an often difficult life-long medical condition. Most children born today with hemophilia or other related bleeding disorder can have bright futures and full lives due to the advancement in medical knowledge and technology, treatment therapies, and access to quality comprehensive care. This is what we must continue to advocate for everyday for all South Carolinians with bleeding disorders, no matter what obstacles stand in their way," stated Sue Martin, President of HSC.

Click here to download the full press release (pdf format)

March is National Hemophilia Awareness Month  
Hemophilia of South Carolina, Hemophilia Awareness Days
Where: Columbia, SC   |   When: March 5th and 6th, 2013
Please join us in raising awareness for bleeding disorders in South Carolina

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Hemophilia of South Carolina and the National Hemophilia Foundation Partner to Provide Comments on Essential Health Benefits to the South Carolina Department of Insurance
Read the full letter which advocated the following for the SC bleeding disorder community:
1. Access to specialists at federally recognized hemophilia treatment centers (HTC's)
2. Access to a full range of FDA approved clotting factor products
3. Access to a range of specialty pharmacy providers

Click Here to Read the Full Letter

Advocacy and The National Hemophilia Foundation
If you want to get involved in any way in being an advocate for the hemophilia community this is the place to start. Any information in becoming involved and promoting awareness in the bleeding disorder community can be found on NHF's advocacy page.

Hemophilia Awareness Day
COLUMBIA, SC - April 16, 2010 - Hemophilia of South Carolina, or HSC, an organization that promotes awareness of bleeding disorders to the public, held their First Annual Hemophilia Advocacy Day at the Capitol in Columbia on Wednesday, March 17 which was officially declared the 2010 Hemophilia Awareness Day in the state.

Hemaware Article on Advocacy
This is an article that was featured in Hemaware, the NHF's quarterly magazine, that explains some of the obstacles facing the hemophilia community and ways to become an advocate. If you have any other concerns or issues you would like to help with, please contact us at

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